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Welcome to Mervin Travel, your passport to extraordinary experiences. Before you embark on your journey, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our comprehensive terms and conditions. By using our services, you agree to abide by these guidelines.

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Booking and Reservations Booking Confirmation: Your reservation is confirmed upon receipt of payment or deposit. Start your journey on the right foot by securing your spot. Travel Documents: Ensure you have valid passports, visas, and health certificates as required for your destination. Smooth travels begin with proper documentation. Name Accuracy: Provide accurate names as per official documents. Any discrepancies may lead to issues during travel. Attention to detail ensures a seamless experience. Payment and Cancellation Payment Terms: Full payment or deposit is due at the time of booking. Secure your adventure with timely payments. Cancellation Policy: Refer to your specific booking for cancellation fees and deadlines. Flexibility matters; know your options. Refunds: Refunds are subject to supplier policies and processing times. Patience is key when awaiting reimbursements. Travel Insurance Highly Recommended: We strongly advise purchasing comprehensive travel insurance. Safeguard your journey against unexpected twists. Itinerary Changes Flexibility: Travel plans may change due to weather, flight delays, or other factors. Embrace spontaneity and adaptability. Alternative Arrangements: We will provide suitable alternatives if any part of your itinerary is disrupted. Count on us to keep your adventure on track. Health and Safety Health Precautions: Follow health guidelines and safety protocols during your trip. Prioritize your well-being wherever you roam. Medical Conditions: Inform us of any medical conditions or special requirements. Your health matters; let us assist accordingly. Code of Conduct Respect: Treat fellow travelers, locals, and cultural sites with respect. Foster a spirit of inclusivity and understanding. Environmental Responsibility: Minimize your impact on the environment. Leave only footprints, take only memories. Legal Compliance: Abide by local laws and regulations. Responsible citizenship enhances everyone’s travel experience. Confidentiality Privacy: We respect your privacy. Refer to our privacy policy for details. Your trust is paramount to us; rest assured, your information is secure. Confidential Information: Any confidential information shared during the booking process remains private. Your secrets are safe with us. Disputes and Claims Prompt Reporting: Report any issues promptly during your trip. Timely communication helps us address concerns effectively. Claims Process: Contact us for assistance with claims or disputes. We're here to guide you through any challenges you encounter. Governing Law Turkish Law: These terms and conditions are governed by Turkish law. Clear guidelines ensure a fair and equitable travel experience.
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We started our journey in 2014 as an innovative travel company. Mervin Travel is an agency fully licensed by Turkish Ministry of Cultural and Tourism. Tursab License Number: 7790

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